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Off Grid Living Box Set (FREE Bonus Included)

BOOK #1: Off The Grid 101: 19 Efficient Steps on How to Retrofit Your Living and Accommodate Alternative Energy Solutions for Lighting, Heating, and Cooling

A building does not need to be new to be proficient. Today’s top notch building proprietors are retrofitting structures, changing over existing structures into models of maintainability. While most building proprietors still seek after single innovation changes, market pioneers package together energy saving innovations to get more profound reserve funds in a more exhaustive methodology. Energy execution contracting is one plan of action that empowers building proprietors to execute entire building retrofits and essentially lower energy utilization and working expenses. Basically, the overhauls are paid for energy saving over the long run!

This book is going to cover:Super easy plans that you should follow before you start retrofittingSkills that

Doable Renewables: 16 Alternative Energy Projects for Young Scientists

Humankind needs to find and develop alternative forms of energy. As the world’s population continues to grow, more people will need access to lighting, communication, transit, and computing. Fossil fuels are being used up at an alarming pace, but other energy sources–solar, wind, waves, “waste” heat, and even human power–are both renewable and environmentally friendly. The projects in this book will help any budding scientist construct and explore working models that generate renewable, alternative energy.            In Doable Renewables, readers will learn how to build a Kelvin water drop generator out of six recycled cans and alligator clip jumpers, a solar-powered seesaw from a large dial thermometer and a magnifying glass, and a windmill from eight yardsticks, PVC pipe, cardboard, and converter generator. Children will investigate the energy-generating properties of a solar cell, a radiometer, a Nitinol heat engine, and a Peltier cell. They’ll even build a human